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Della Gente Center 

The leading provider of Rehabilitation & Retirement centre.

About Della Gente Center


A prime rehab/retirement centre in town that seeks to provide comfort and health care to the retirees and senior citizens. In this Home, you can find extensive facilities and top quality services that are provided to redefine senior living.

We have more than 6 rooms to host the tenants. The rooms come with either 2 beds or 3 beds configuration. Good rest and soundly sleep are granted with coconut fibre mattresses, cassia seed magnetic health pillows, good ventilation and bed with side rails for safety. Each tenant will be given with cabinet and side table for their own use. There’s also an emergency button next to the bed to call the nurse for assistance. The bathrooms are also well equipped with handrails and water heater shower system.


In-house therapy is also well equipped with phlegm suction machine and oxygen machine. 24-hour nursing care by Malaysia registered nurses are provided to offer you a peace of mind when you send your loved ones here.

Daily meals are provided. Food is cooked using fresh ingredients only to ensure quality and nutritious. We incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into the daily meal plans, to give a healthy and satisfying meal one after another.

A series of activities are planned to promote health and wellness. We offer plenty of excitement for those looking to explore new hobbies and interest such as cooking, baking, painting and etc.

Daycare service is available as well from 9am - 6pm with daily meals provided, activities and senior friends to keep them entertained.

Della Gente is a Home that redefines retirement and senior living in an atmosphere that is crafted for people who needs proper care with great knowledge and an environment that is safe and healthy.

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